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At JC & Associates, we assist lenders in evaluating the integrity of their customers' collateral by performing pre-funding due diligence and rotational collateral monitoring field examinations. As a leading provider of field examination services, we are recognized in the industry as a firm that values experience, quality, and service.

Our Service is designed to help supplement financial institutions with substantial experience and industry exposure even on short-term notice, so as to assist the lender in protecting its assets and collateral.


Pre-funding due diligence

Collateral examinations

Evaluation of accounting procedures and financing reporting capabilities

Multi-location field examination capabilities throughout the United States

The purpose of performing field examinations has many objectives. The primary function of a field examination is to ensure and structure appropriate Risk Management of Commercial Lending Relationships.

Our primary objective is to validate the authenticity of the collateral pledged to ensure that the financial institution collateral is in place under the terms of the loan approval.

Our secondary responsibility is to assist the Account Executive(s) in understanding their Borrower's collateral reporting and reporting inherent risk(s) associated with the pledged collateral.

Our Mission is to provide the best in asset-based collateral field examination services with experienced field examiners who understand the asset-based lending industry's collateral evaluation needs and the impact of collateral field examinations on credit decisions. Through a detailed review of the Borrower's borrowing base, JC & Associates can identify and test the risks. After the results are computed, JC & Associates offers suggestions to control the risk.

Our Goal is to provide solutions and alternatives to maintaining sound lending relationship. As such, we will work with you to assist in resolving the issues/concerns.


Nearly a decade ago Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act raised the compliance bar by requiring all publicly traded companies in the U.S. to assess the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting. JC & Associates meets and goes beyond the base requirements by bringing a tailored business understanding to our attesting of your company's records, asset and transactional management. We offer turnkey solutions both for setting up compliance infrastructure, and maintaining and certifying compliance for all required filings.


Over the past 10 years, more attention has been focused on how companies are managing risk within their organizations. Lack of an internal audit function could limit a company's ability to accurately and timely address, operational, and compliance risks. We help our clients by:

Assessing the internal audit function and identifying areas of improvement

Accelerating improvements through co-sourcing

Finding opportunities to increase the strategic value of internal audit